Roadtrip Game Schedule

I was referred to an excellent book by David Almany, Prairie Blitz. Almany did something similar to what I’m about to do, following three small town teams along Highway 83 which runs the “50 yard line” of America, from Canada to Mexico. Mr. Almany called his journey the ultimate high school football road trip.  With all due respect, I think my road trip has his beat.

I’ll start my trip on July 29th at the Texas High School Coaches Association convention in San Antonio, attend the THSCA all star game on July 30th. After this, I’ll ramble the state visiting different schools during two a days, before the regular season begins.


  1. Aug.25th- 30th La Marque  3A                               Ball (Galveston) @ La Marque (Suburban Houston)
  2. Sept. 1-7th Carthage   3A                                      Lindale @ Carthage (East Texas)
  3. Sept. 8th-14th Port Lavaca Calhoun  4A              Somerset @  PLV Calhoun (Gulf Coast)
  4. Sept.15th-21st Stamford   1A                                 Colorado @ Stamford  (West Texas)
  5. Sept.22rd-28th Aledo 4A                                        Arlington Heights @ Aledo (DFW Metroplex)
  6. Sept.29th- Oct.5th Abilene 5A                                Abilene @ Abilene Cooper ( West Texas)
  7. Oct.6th-12th Throckmorton 6-Man                          Bryson @ Throckmorton (West Texas)
  8. Oct.13th-19th Idalou 2A                                          Denver City @ Idalou (West Texas)
  9. Oct.20th-26th Round Rock Stony Point 5A              RR Westwood @ Stony Point (Central Texas)
  10. Oct.27th-Nov.2nd Harlingen 5A                              Har. South @ Harlingen (Rio Grande Valley)
  11. Nov.3rd-Nov.9th Cedar Hill 5A                                Cedar Hill @ Midlothian (DFW Metroplex)
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4 thoughts on “Roadtrip Game Schedule

  1. pete

    A single 6-man game? you are missing out on real football, you need to attend the games where the school enrollment is 20 to 30 kids and see the heart and soul of 6-man football.

  2. I’m really looking forward to visiting Throckmorton. Coach Reed has been incredibly open about letting me come and hang around for a week. It’s going to be especially interesting as I’ve never seen the 6-man game. I’d love to get to more 6-man schools and to San Antonio and El Paso. Texas is such a big state with so many outstanding programs its just impossible to see everything.

  3. Mike

    The week of Sept 29th-Oct 5th Throckmorton will experiment with 11 man football as they face Windthorst in an exhibition. The first half will be 11 man, then Windthorst will experiment with 6 man in the second half.

    • Wish I could see that,,,, the games seem so different, seems it would be impossible to teach 6-man kids to play 11-man football and 11-man players to play 6-man. I’ll be interested to hear how it goes.

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