Three towns, five practices, 26 Hours and around 400 Miles


Outside Throckmorton last evening, Longhorn cattle in front of an oil rig. Can you get much more Texas than that?


I woke up yesterday morning at 6:15 to attend the two practices at Carthage. At one PM I hadn’t yet decided where to head. I made a call to Coach Reed at Throckmorton and he told me they were going to practice at 6, have a BBQ and then get back on the field at midnight, for the first padded practice of the season. I looked at the GPS and realized I could just about cover the 300 plus miles by six and hit the road. I got to Throckmorton around 6:30, watched the end of the first practice and visited with Coach Reed then went to bunkhouse on one of his players’ ranches, he had arranged for me to sleep at. Back in town by 10 for the BBQ, before the midnight practice; watched the practice and back to the bunkhouse to sleep sometime before two AM. Got up at 6:15 and drove 50 miles to Stamford to see their first padded practice at 7:30. Then 50 miles or so to Abilene, to a hotel and a much needed nap. I got up this afternoon and am just starting to process the notes video and pictures I gathered during my lost three stops. Think I’ll stay put tomorrow. Look for forthcoming updates on what I saw in Stamford, Throckmorton and Carthage.


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