New Allen Football Stadium

Good article in link about Allen High School’s new football stadium. I know that in most parts of the country this is seen as a corruption of what high school athletics ought to be about. The knee-jerk reaction equates a big, expensive stadium with misplaced priorities and the ugliness you hear about in major college football; where the business aspect overwhelm the benefit to the kids.

If you have this view please tell me, what’s wrong with a community supporting their program in a first class way? Remember, this was paid for by a bond issue. The money was not taken from the Math or English budget and the revenue this place will generate will pay for many other programs. I’ve been to Allen and all their facilities are outstanding. As far as I can tell, no one is getting shortchanged in this process. Allen has outstanding participation in all their extra-curricular activities including an International Baccalaureate program, a six-hundred member marching band, an award winning music program, rugby and even ice hockey. Having an amazing football stadium when you have the support to fill it is nothing Allen should have to defend.

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One thought on “New Allen Football Stadium

  1. JakeB

    You nailed it and answered critics questions with your post. Anyone who has a problem with this sort of thing simply needs to do a little research to find that not only do academics/non football extra curriculars NOT suffer at schools who heavily support football….they actually thrive. Many won’t admit it, but that awesome 600 member band would likely not exist if it weren’t for the community support of the football program. Look at any school with a consistently successful football program and good community support and you’ll find many other educational/athletic areas that benefit as well.

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