Stony Point

The Stony Point Tigers are very young. They expect to start either 5 or 6 sophomores in 2012, and only have three returning starters on each side of the ball. When a team is young, the coaches must do a lot of teaching on the field and it effects the intensity of practice.  Today was the first day Stony Point wore pads and the inexperience was apparent, especially on the offensive side of the ball. The offensive line has very good size, but looked tentative.  The coaches did a good job with their teaching and I would expect this team to get better every day.  They had some very good looking kids on the field, but it will take them awhile to play as a team.


One interesting pattern I’ve begun to see is the amount of sophomores that play varsity in Texas. Even deep and strong teams routinely play sophomores on the varsity. In Nevada, a sophomore playing up either means the varsity is in a desperate spot or the kid is just too amazing not to bring up. The amount of Texas 10th graders playing varsity is another result of the athletic periods. By sophomore year, these kids have an entire year of football instruction and spring ball if they are in the big schools.


Stony Point parents watching practice.

Linked is a recent article that claimed Texas as the best high school football state in the country. It is, but the story missed the point, what makes Texas the best is; a) every public school coach in the state is also a teacher. This is the only state in the country that has this requirement. b) In every school all athletes devote one period a day to working on their sports with all their coaches. This may happen in certain schools in other states, but Texas is the only one that does it this way across the board.

Stony Point may be raw right now. But with good year around coaching, they are nowhere near as raw as a similar team in a less supportive state. I’m guessing they will be a different team by the time I return during week 8 for the Round Rock Westwood game.

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