Week Zero: La Marque

I’ve been very busy trying to cram as much into my few days here as possible. Big day yesterday,,,, practice, weight workout and I met with two long time Cougar supporters. Mike Lockwood of Coogsports.net and Jimmy Haley of the La Marque-Texas City Chamber of Commerce.  I learned a lot about the tradition and history of this program. More on that later as I have time. One more practice today before the big G-Ball game. Quick Impressions: 1) Being the first week of school, high school kids will get a little unfocused. No different here, but I have been very impressed with the players ability to quickly switch gears and get to the business of preparing for the game when it becomes time to go to work. The same is true with the coaches, they have had to remind the kids a few times, but the players respond very well to the staff. 2) The two gentlemen I met yesterday both fit into a category of person that doesn’t exist in Reno. Long graduated local alumni who have no direct connection to the school, but nevertheless have continued to support their alma mater and be involved in the happenings there. I imagine all the teams I visit will have individuals like Mr. Lockwood and Mr. Haley and it is a shame that we don’t have people like this back home. Boosters like them provide a foundation that endures through coaches, players and administrators. A respect and understanding of what the program ought to stand for. 3) I’m really looking forward to my first ever Texas high school football game tomorrow night, its been a long time coming after all the build up and it should be very exciting.

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2 thoughts on “Week Zero: La Marque

  1. Enjoyed the visit Gray…I look forward to seeing you at the game. Your first taste of Texas high school football is about to happen.

  2. Sean Bedford

    You picked a much storied, tradition laden place to watch your first Texas High school football game. La Marque has long been a fixture of Texas football lour. Wise choice and I hope you enjoy all the schools you cover on your trip.

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