Homecoming at Port Lavaca Calhoun

The lower you go in football levels the more the game becomes about who the best player on the field is. If you ever see a pee wee game, you see 21 players cancelling each other out while the 22nd takes over the game. Most often it isn’t until you reach the high school, varsity level where you see teamwork and execution enough to overcome the best individual athlete on the field. For this reason last night’s freshmen game between Calhoun and Somerset was unusual. Somerset jumped out to a 22-0 lead, due to Calhoun mistakes, but also behind several players that looked better than any of the Sandcrabs appeared to be. The Sandcrabs came back and won in the final minutes 39-36. What won the game for the Crabs was the execution of their system and the kids working together.

It was still a freshmen game, with a lot of unforced errors and sloppy play, but in the end execution overcame athleticism, and that’s a neat thing to see.

I’m packing up at the Holiday Inn Express. It’s going to be a fun and interesting day with the homecoming festivities and hopefully, a well-played game against Somerset and then a long drive to Stamford after the game ends. After a week with a team, you have a definite rooting interest in the team you’re covering.  So tonight, I’ll be checking the scores from Carthage and La Marque as well as pulling for the Sandcrabs. Hopefully they will do what their freshmen team did last night and out execute Stamford.

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One thought on “Homecoming at Port Lavaca Calhoun

  1. Thanks for highlighting our Sandcrabs! Hope your travels are safe and productive. Enjoyed getting to know you this week. Looking forward to your blogging progression about txhsfb!

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