Calhoun vs. Somerset at Port Lavaca


Sandcrab offense goes over adjustments with Coach Whitaker game-day morning.

The Calhoun Sandcrabs were too much for an inexperienced Somerset team last night in Port Lavaca. The Sandcrabs led 35-6 at the half, en route to a 49-6 victory. For the second week in a row junior fullback Cory Williams had a huge game, rushing for 255 yards on 11 carries and 3 touchdowns. His 85 yard touchdown in the 3rd quarter was impressive. The run highlighted all three skills a great back needs; agility, speed and strength. Making a move after hitting the hole, running over a tackler before pulling away from pursuit with speed that isn’t supposed to exist in South Texas, Williams showed why he’s on the radar of D-I schools.

Somerset is coached by Sonny Detmer, father of two NFL quarterbacks, Ty and Koy Detmer and grandfather of current Bulldog quarterback Koy Detmer Junior. I had the privilege of talking with Coach Detmer before the game and was struck by what a nice guy he is. I became more impressed with him after the game.

The Calhoun option offense quickly adjusted to exploit every defensive adjustment the Bulldogs made, rushing for a total of 550 yards. The defense was impressive as well sacking Quarterback Koy Detmer, 5 times and holding an explosive offense to 6 points. Final score: 49-6 Calhoun Sandcrabs.


More memorable than the game however was what happened afterwards. Instead of the typical handshake line you usually see following a high school game, the two teams gathered around Coaches Whitaker and Detmer  for a prayer and then shook hands in a more sincere way than the normal routine allows. I have no doubt the scene would have been the same had the score been reversed. These are two classy coaches whose programs are reflections of the men at the helm.

A major reason for this blog and the book I’m writing is to highlight what is good and right about high school football. A scene like this doesn’t get the attention of a touchdown or big hit, but it is the true purpose of the game. The boys at Calhoun and Somerset will become better men because of what they learn through the process and from their coaches.

Again, I want to thank everyone at Calhoun High School. They were great hosts, quality people and have built a program that Port Lavaca has rightly fallen in love with.


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6 thoughts on “Calhoun vs. Somerset at Port Lavaca

  1. Excellent read

  2. Sheryl Moore Cuellar

    Thank you for picking Calhoun as one of the teams for your book. From reading your posts I would say that you have a great understanding of our team, coaches and our community here in Sandcrab nation. I can’t wait to read your book.

    Sheryl Moore Cuellar

  3. Mark Howell

    I second Sheryl’s comments, Gray. Thanks for coming to Port Lavaca. Hope you can drop in on Sandcrab Nation again in the playoffs.

    And, as an aside, I just thought Calhoun HS had long roadies. In your next game Colorado HS has to go 300 miles one way to get to Stamford. Now that’s a Texas-sized road trip!

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