Stamford Multitasking



One of the many assumptions the rest of the country has about Texas high school football, is that football excellence is bought by shortchanging other opportunities on campus. From what I’ve seen, the opposite is the case.  An El Paso coach I met best summed up the attitude when he told me of his disappointment that more of his players weren’t playing spring sports. I said I was surprised they weren’t on the track team. He looked at me with confusion and said, “They all do track, I’m talking about team sports.”

Stamford is a school with only 180 students, out of less than 100 male students, 83 play football for the Bulldogs. Today I spoke to a Hagen Hutchinson who, in the spring, juggles 5 different activities. He shows up before school to get his weight workout in for football, then to school and a fourth period athletic period for track, then to Ag. Club and more classes. After school, he goes to baseball from 4 to 6. At 6, it’s on to the golf course to work with the golf team. All these programs are successful and Hagen is a 4.0 student. My understanding is that this is not all that unusual at Stamford. Stamford High School is a great example of a small school that takes pride in well rounded kids, but it’s not the only one. All the coaches of the programs I’m working with encourage and even demand their football players be involved with other activities.

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