Bird Bowl Preview

Harlingen Freshmen Game Crowd

I just got back from the sub-varsity games at Boggus Stadium and caught a little taste of the atmosphere that’ll be cranked up tomorrow night. About 1500 Cardinal supporters and maybe another 1000 Harlingen South fans were in the stands, blowing horns, ringing bells and getting more excited about a freshmen game than typical. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever been to a freshmen game that so many cared so much about. I get a strong impression that when these two schools compete at ANYTHING, the importance of the outcome is magnified in Harlingen. The Cardinal freshmen won 29-7,,, at the half the JV for HHS was up 8-7.

There is a buzz around town that this is the year, the first in a long time, when Harlingen South has the edge in the rivalry. Harlingen has won 15 of the 19 contests in this series, but South is coming in with a 7-1 record and many are hoping to see a giant fall. A capacity crowd of 10,400 is expected tomorrow night, I’m pretty sure the game is sold out. I’m looking forward to a very exciting night.

I’ve had to delete several responses to my last post that crossed the line into badmouthing one of the teams. This blog was started to promote the game of high school football and hopefully give some insight into eleven quality programs in Texas. Whether you’re a Cardinal fan or not, I don’t think there’s any question Harlingen has a quality program and is a great example of what high school football can be. The Cardinals win because of great coaching, stability, tradition, work ethic and a fanatical fan base. Nobody has to like them, but not to respect them and what they have accomplished is foolish. There are plenty of message boards for those who want to argue and debate the game, but this isn’t one of them.

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2 thoughts on “Bird Bowl Preview

  1. Manny

    Coach Levy, Just wanted to say that we really appreciated your visit. Anything that involves or provides an opportunity for our kids to get exposed in a positive manner is definitely something us Cardinal coaches love to get involved with. We hope you enjoyed our craziness on the sideline at Bird Bowl XX and as well as the Cardinal Lap we took??? Anyway coach, we wish you the best and definitely count us all in to be supportive on your book when it comes out. Be safe..

    Manny Gomez

    • Coach Gomez, I absolutely enjoyed my week with the Cardinals and thank you for the Cardinal Lap and the rest of the hospitality you, your staff and the kids showed. You have a outstanding program your school and community rightly takes so much pride in. Good luck this week and in the playoffs. I’ll be keeping track and thinking of you.

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