The Home Stretch

I just checked into a motel down the street from Cowboy Stadium, the last of 44 I’ve stayed in over my five months in Texas.  When I originally called this a ‘road trip’ it seemed like the proper way to describe it. Looking back at it now, calling this a roadtrip feels like calling Magellan’s round the world voyage a sailboat ride.  During the trip I’ve driven about 18,000 miles, eaten too much fast food and seen more of the state than most locals. I’ve watched the days shorten and the leaves fall off the trees. Thinking back on all I’ve seen since I came here in July, it’s hard to believe I’ll be sleeping in my own bed again in a few days.

Though I’m excited to get home, I’ll miss hanging with the coaches and the places I’ve been in Texas. I came here to see the unique qualities of high school football is in this state. I hoped to show how well run and supported it is and how it’s also a positive influence on the kids who play it and the communities who love it. I hope those sentiments have come across in this blog. I’ve gathered enough material to make my points in a more complete way in my upcoming book. I don’t know exactly how long it will take to write, having never done this before. I can say, however, I have great material, interesting angles and compelling stories about every stop on my trip. All eleven towns and schools offered a different piece of the picture. If I did anything right, I’m very proud of the programs I chose for this project. Now, I just have to figure out how to put it together into a book worthy of the programs that so generously allowed me inside. I’ll start working on it as soon as I get home and will keep this blog informed of my progress.

I have one more day before I find out how my Stamford chapter will end and two more before I know the end for Cedar Hill. I’ll, of course, write recounts of both championship games in the upcoming days. Whatever happens, it should be exciting.

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12 thoughts on “The Home Stretch

  1. Bobby Johnson

    Gray this state salutes you. You have given so much time energy and money to show the unique passion, love, and pride Texas has for high school football. From the documented state championships of the 1920s to the current champioships you will see at Cowboy stadium high school football in Texas has been and continues to be a huge part of Texas history and culture. Thank you for helping to bring focus to the sport, the kids, the coaches and programs in the state of Texas!

    • Bobby, Sorry I didn’t find you during the Allen game. I had a great time it Texas and have tremendous respect for the coaches, kids and people like yourselves who make it the best state in the country for high school football. As someone who loves the sport it was a joy to see it at its absolute best.

  2. JakeB

    Even though I’ve been around Texas high school football all my life (both as a player and spectator) I’m sure that your 5 months have not only caught you up…but probably surpassed my experiences. I will be buying your book to get an outsiders view, but I’m pretty sure you can call yourself an insider now. (as opposed to H.G. Bissinger who only really experienced one town/team)

  3. Coach Warren

    Gray we were glad you hung out with us several times. It is always good to make new friends. Thanks for sharing things about our program in a very positive light. Be safe traveling home and have a Merry Christmas.
    Coach Warren

  4. What a wonderful idea to make a book! I am sure you will have the force to finish it. My experience said that is easier to start than finish. It’s another long trip. I’m very proud for you and thanks for sharing your experiences with us. Ah… and happy new year for a new person and old friend. Joseba

  5. I’ve enjoyed every post you’ve made during your incredible journey. I’ve increased my knowlege of Texas high school football during this season, especially 6-man, by keeping up with your journey. During our conversation over dinner, when your were in La Marque, I learned that Texas was one of the few states that required all coaches to be certified teachers. I thought that was the case in all states. So……I look forward to your book !

  6. Coach McLemore

    Grey just wanted to say how much we enjoyed visiting with you and tell you I certainly admire your dedication. I pray that god blesses you and your family and that I hope the book is an overnight success. Best wishes until we meet again.

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