Championship Weekend Observations

 48,379 (?) at Allen vs. Lamar game

48,379 (?) at Allen vs. Lamar game

It’s been eight days since the last of the championship games were played and I have some thoughts on the weekend.

I spoke to a few small school coaches during the season that had some resentment about the new format, preferring the old system which allowed the teams to arrange their own venue as with all other rounds of the playoffs. I understand their issue. If two teams from West Texas or East Texas happen to match up in state, it won’t make a lot of sense to play the game in Arlington, or Houston if they get the games there is future years. With that said, I don’t see the system reverting back. With over 200,000 fans attending during the three day event, Fox Sports Southwest being able to televise every game live, all from the same 1st rate venue in a state that has so many fans of high school football, not just fans of a particular team I’m guessing this is here to stay.

As one of those fans, I caught at least part of eight of the nine games. It is an amazing event, a showcase of the very best high school football in the country. I would encourage any fan of the sport, at some point in their lifetime to make the trip to see it, like going to the Grand Canyon, or Marti Gras, a trip to the Texas football championships is something every sports fan ought to experience once,,, I’d call it a ‘bucket list’  item but I’m sick of that term.

The attendance figures make no sense. With three tripleheaders, I would like somebody to explain how the UIL could possibly come up with an accurate total for the 4 o’clock or 8 o’clock games. Many fans who showed up for the noon game, stayed to watch the 4 o’clock game,,, many 4 o’clock game patrons stuck around for the 8 o’clock game. Nobody counted the people who left, so the announced attendances HAD to be estimates. None of this really matters except it bothered me when the attendance for the Allen-Lamar game was announced as 48,379. 48,379 is not an estimate, it implies the exact number is known. There was a lot of buzz around the stadium that the 50,000 mark would be broken and a new record for the history of Texas high school football would be set. There was audible disappointment when this number was given. If anyone can tell me any logical way the exact number could have been determined, I’d love to hear it.

Really isn’t important, whatever the crowd was, it was impressive and watching those six outstanding teams battle on the last day of the season was a great finale for my 5 months in Texas.

Happy New Year everybody!

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2 thoughts on “Championship Weekend Observations

  1. Congrats on finishing the journey. It was fun to follow along on this blog. Hope the book idea is becoming reality. Good luck

    • Hey Dave, Great hearing from you. Motivated me to write the blog today. I don’t think I can be as quick as you were writing “Prairie Blitz”, but I’m plugging along.

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