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January Progress Report and News

I’ll update this blog from time to time and let you know the status of my work.  First a few numbers from the journey I took this fall:

I left Reno on July 25th and returned on December 24th. During my 5 months in Texas I attended 37 varsity football games, (59 total if you include JV, Freshmen, 7th grade, 8th grade, 3 college games in one Cowboy game). I stayed in 45 different motels in 30 Texas cities and put a total of 19,689 miles on my Ford Focus. I also gained 15 pounds from lack of exercise and eating too much Chicken Express and BBQ. Been eating better and exercising since I got home, but was just too hard to do when I was on the road.

I guess it goes without saying that it’s been great to sleep in the same bed for the last three weeks and it’s great not having to fill my gas tank every other day. I knew towards the end that I would wind up near 20,000 miles. A Carthage assistant told me that I should take a longer way home to hit that number if I was close,,, maybe if it had been 10 miles,, but 311 was too much,,, when I got back I was ready to be home. I guess it would have taken another 2 miles a day, oh well.

On to the book, I’ve been working a little or a lot every day since I got home. I’ve written just over 32,000 words and have first drafts of the La Marque and Carthage chapters. I’m happy with it so far, but it is pretty rough.

Congratulations to Coach Launius from La Marque, just read that he got the head job at Hemphill HS. Also saw that Coach Chessher from Stony Point is a finalist for the Athletic Director job for the Round Rock ISD. If any Stony Point people read this let him know I wish him the best.


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