March Progress Report

Still plugging away. Added chapters on Aledo, Abilene High and almost done with Throckmorton. I’m on page 174 and have written 92,000 words. I’m also working on finding an editor. I’ve been given some suggestions. One thing I’m hearing is that a lot of publishers don’t want non-fiction books to be longer than 100,000 words, If thats true I’m going to have to make some tough cuts.

For the fist time since the fall of 2010, I got to run a football drill yesterday. I took a assistant job at North Valley’s High School in Reno, coaching the offensive line. I’m going in and meeting with my guys two mornings a week. Fun to get back into coaching again. Watching everything in Texas this past season was amazing, but I missed being involved.

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9 thoughts on “March Progress Report

  1. Once a coach….always a coach. That’s great you are back into coaching again

    • Thanks Mike,,, Tell everyone hi for me in La Marque. Great to be working with kids again, I’m looking forward to the season here and also to following all my favorite teams in Texas. Go Coogs!!! CTS

  2. Carla Young

    Thanks for the last “Newsletter”, and Congratulations on getting back in to coaching. I’ve been a Stamford Bulldog for ever. Graduated from Stamford High back in 1961 and still live here. Bulldog through and through. So proud of our athletic department and all the your men that play sports. I also have a son, Rob Bird, that played ball here and is now a coach at Lindsay, Tx and he has a son that plays football and runs track. Keep up the good work!! Your book will be fantastic.

  3. Let’ go Panters!You will be the only one of Hug coaching. We will folow next season.

  4. vipetotj

    Let’s go Panters! You will be the only one of Hug couches couching! I will follow your team!

  5. Keep plugging away. Writing is the fun part, editing is like pulling teeth.

    • Thanks Dave,,,, Still plugging,,,,hopefully I’ll find a publisher like yours that goes for 140,000 words. Either way I’m excited to get on to the next step at this point.

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