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Maps and Progress report


I just got the manuscript back after my first revision and now an in the process of revising it a second time. I was given some good suggestions of how to improve the book and I should be ready to shop it around to publishers after this revision. The book is just getting better and better with each change and while the process can be somewhat repetitive, it’s exciting to watch the improvement in what will be the end result.

It’s amazing to me that I hadn’t come up with some of the most obvious improvements myself, I’ve been thinking about the book about 20 hours a day during the last year. One suggestion was that including maps would be helpful in describing the journey. I’ve always liked maps in books and often wish they had been included in books I’ve read, but somehow overlooked this obvious thing. I worked on three maps over the weekend.

Hard to believe a year ago at this time, I was just getting started. It’s great to be coaching again in Reno,,,, (We’re in summer camp now and yesterday was the first day in pads.) But I definitely miss the game as I saw it last year in Texas. I’m hoping some of the teams I covered make deep runs into the postseason so I can come down and catch up after our season is over.



–I’ve been fighting this for an hour trying to get the maps to show up and this is the best I can do. You should be able to see them by clicking on the three links above. They should open with Word.

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First revision

Sorry it’s been so long. I just finished the 1st revision of the book. Amazing how much difference a professional can make. I cut out nearly 10,000 words without losing any of the real content. I thought I did a decent job on the first job, but I have to admit it’s a 1000 percent better after the changes.

Now its back to the editors for a content edit. I had hoped to have the book out for this football season, but there is no way that is going to happen. The good news is that when it finally does come out, it will be a lot better.

A new book title was suggested: Kiss a Fat Dog- A story of Texas football. Taken from an anecdote in my Idalou chapter. I kind of like it; easy to remember. Any suggestions?

I’m enjoying my summer, working with the team I’m coaching and puttering around, but making the edits last week really made me miss the places I came to love in Texas. A big part of me wishes I was back in the Lone Star State. Just ordered my copy of Dave Campbell’s Texas Football. I’m looking for getting seeing some news about the upcoming season.

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