First revision

Sorry it’s been so long. I just finished the 1st revision of the book. Amazing how much difference a professional can make. I cut out nearly 10,000 words without losing any of the real content. I thought I did a decent job on the first job, but I have to admit it’s a 1000 percent better after the changes.

Now its back to the editors for a content edit. I had hoped to have the book out for this football season, but there is no way that is going to happen. The good news is that when it finally does come out, it will be a lot better.

A new book title was suggested: Kiss a Fat Dog- A story of Texas football. Taken from an anecdote in my Idalou chapter. I kind of like it; easy to remember. Any suggestions?

I’m enjoying my summer, working with the team I’m coaching and puttering around, but making the edits last week really made me miss the places I came to love in Texas. A big part of me wishes I was back in the Lone Star State. Just ordered my copy of Dave Campbell’s Texas Football. I’m looking for getting seeing some news about the upcoming season.

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3 thoughts on “First revision

  1. excellent

  2. bobby johnson

    Well Gray it seems not that long ago you Rob and I were having coffee together time passes fast. I’ve been out of the loop here in Abilene. I’ve taken a new job with a company out of Arlington so i’m gone a lot. I wonder if the title will pull immediate attention towards what the book is about or would it be taken for something else? Just a thought. By the way after the book is completed do you plan to return to Texas? Glad to hear your coaching and things are well at home.
    Bobby Johnson

    • Hey Bobby,
      Good to hear from you! As of now I don’t have any definite plans to return to Texas, but it wouldn’t take much of an excuse to make me set up a trip. Your season is longer than ours and if any of my teams go deep into the playoffs I’d probably come down to follow up with them. Of course when the book comes out, I’m sure I’ll have some chances to promote it. Other than that I’m always interested in considering new opportunities.

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