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Zero Week Deja Vu


Due to a characteristically strange ruling by the NIAA (Nevada athletics governing body) concerning the Yosemite fire, this Friday was very similar to those I spent in Texas last season. Unsure about the smoke in Truckee Meadows, the NIAA cancelled all Reno-area games, but we were free to find alternative locations and times. Our home opener, against another Reno school, had to be moved 200 miles to Winnemucca on Saturday. With Friday night free, I decided to head north 80-miles to scout our week two opponent in Susanville.

As I sat in the stands, taking notes and trying to check on the zero week scores from Texas on my Friday Night Rivals app, I realized just similar this scene was to how I spent every Friday night in Texas last year. The feeling become stronger when I took the familiar post-game drive, on a dark two-lane highway after the game. Only this time I was heading home, not to Stamford, Idalou or Round Rock. When I got home, I turned on watched the Tivo’d Fox Sports Southwest high school highlight show.

While not so much fun Saturday (don’t ask), it’s great to be coaching again, but I sure do already miss Texas high school football and I can’t help but be hit by the differences between the sport in Nevada and Texas. A big part of me wishes I was coaching or even just watching the games in the Lone Star State. Hopefully, I’ll get down during the postseason, but in the meantime, I’m grateful for satellite TV, the Internet and iPhone apps to give keep me up. Looking forward to seeing what happens with huge games this weekend (La Marque-Texas City, Stamford-Munday, Harlingen-San Benito, Cedar Hill-Allen and Aledo-Stephenville)

Good to see that nine of the eleven schools I followed last year won this weekend.

On the book front—I’ve finished my final edit before sending it to publishers and book agents and am just starting that process now. I’ve send the manuscript to all the coaches I worked with and have gotten good responses. I’m confident that its 1000% better than when I finished the first draft.

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