Kiss a Fat Dog Overview

By using Facebook and Twitter, I’ve gotten a lot of new subscribers in recent weeks… I’m told this type of thing has become very important in getting a publishing deal. Many newer readers have been asking me about when the book is coming out,,, what its about… etc.

So here are some details:

I’m almost done with (hopefully) my last major revision of the manuscript. A major literary agent has agreed to represent the book. Agents are basically the gatekeepers in the publishing business and they are very selective about what they represent, so this is a huge step toward getting this published. That said, publishing is a very drawn out process and I really don’t know exactly when the book will be out, but finding an agent makes some kind of publishing deal very likely and a nationwide deal possible.

What the book’s about–I spent the entire 2012 football season following 11 successful high school programs a week at a time. As a football coach myself, I was welcomed into all the meetings, onto the sidelines and into the locker rooms. I following my teams through the playoffs and three of my teams made it to state championship games. My journey had me living out of my car and motels from late July until Christmas Eve.  The teams have diverse demographics and are from all over the state. The schools are: 5A-Cedar Hill, Abilene High and Stony Point (Round Rock), Harlingen, 4A-Aledo, Port Lavaca Calhoun, 3A-Carthage & La Marque, 2A-Idalou, 1A-Stamford and 6-man-Throckmorton

I read Friday Night Lights when it came out and was amazed by the organization and importance of high school football in the state of Texas. But, as a coach, I have a very different perspective about the role of athletics in a well-rounded education. As well as a story about the eleven teams, this is a book about Texas football culture and the states unique model for public education.

I hope you continue reading this blog. I let it slide since the 2012 season ended, but will continue to update it more regularly in the future. If course, I’ll update any news on the books progress here first.


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  1. Looking good sir !

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