State Title Game Preview

Since I last wrote I put in quite a few miles. After driving from Stamford Monday evening, I went to Aledo’s practice at 7:00 AM yesterday. Around 9:30 I left and headed to East Texas to watch Carthage practice yesterday afternoon. This morning I drove back to the Metroplex and watched Cedar Hill before heading to Arlington. Some impressions from the four teams I’ll be following over the next three days. As I wrote before Stamford practices are a joy to watch. Also, I don’t know if its because it’s emptiness and ruggedness reminds me of Nevada, but I always enjoy my time in West Texas. It was great to see all the guys again. 

Ten championship games will be played at Cowboy Stadium over the next three days, starting with Stamford-Shiner tomorrow morning at 10.  Small school football is so different than the big school game. Often it comes down to players having the mental toughness to fight through the fatigue, something big schools don’t deal with much with nobody going both ways and multiple personnel groups. Hoping Stamford-Shiner is close to the Stamford-Mart game last season.

Aledo looks amazing. Easy to say based on their record and the way they’ve rolled through most of the playoffs, but their front moves so well its hard to imagine the defensive front that can stop them. It’s hard to tell much about a defense from practice, but the stats say they might be even tougher than the offense. Don’t know a thing about Brennan, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Bearcats show the same domination they have most of the season.


Always like getting to East Texas too and Carthage’s coaches and kids great to be around. Last nights practice was held in their new 100 yard indoor facility. Amazing facility.


Everyone’s predicting the East Texas neighbors of Carthage and Kilgore to be one of the toughest matchups of the weekend. From talking to the Carthage coaches, they expect it to be a great battle, one both schools had predicted since their scrimmage against each other back in August.

Cedar Hill is fun to watch for how much energy they fly around with while still being productive and efficient. Like last year, the consensus seems to be that Katy is just too good for anyone to beat. But , the Longhorns held with them and led halfway through the 4th, despite injuries (Katy had them too) It was a great game and hopefully will be even better as both teams are coming in healthy.

Should be a great weekend and I’m excited to have four of the teams I followed playing. It’s going to be fun.


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