New Book Title & News

I’ve been asked a lot lately about where people can get my book. As there are a lot of new follower, I’d like to go over the details. The book is written, but we are looking for a publisher. The process for a first time author to get a publishing deal is long and there are never any guarantees.

That said, things are looking good. I just signed a contract with Literary Agent, Richard Curtis. Curtis is a well-connected agent who’s represented a number of best sellers. Agents are very selective about who they’ll take on and having representation like him is a huge step towards getting a deal. I’m currently writing a brief additional chapter about my whirlwind trip for the semis and finals last week, then we plan on shopping for a publisher in January.

One big change to mention. Kiss a Fat Dog was not very well received as a title by the folks in New York, (Sorry Coach Long & Idalou) so there is a new title.

The working title of the book is now:

Big and Bright:

Deep in the Heart of Texas High School Football

Happy New Year everybody and I’d love to hear what you think of the new title!!!

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6 thoughts on “New Book Title & News

  1. Traci Klysen

    Love that title!!!

    Traci Sent from my iPhone


  2. Suspect that the old title might have flopped – unless it went 180 degrees in the other direction. Big and Bright would draw attention on book shelves, but sales are more and more ebooks and that game is a bit different. I got my novel as far as “We’ll publish it from an editor in a major house and it still fell through. At age 77, and with more books in my head, I gave up and self published. Best of luck in 2014 – luck and skill are both important but neither is as important as pursuing what you love and knowing that it’s well done. Larry Mulkerin ps say hi to your parents when you see them. ó Larry Mulkerin, Author 509.629.1356 mobile Facebook Author Page

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  3. Joyce Saffel

    I think it explains more of what book is about…but what did Kiss a Fat Dog even mean?

    • Joyce. I’m guessing confusion like yours was a part of the problem. ‘Kiss a Fat Dog’ was a quote an Idalou coach made while angry. Didn’t mean anything, but I thought at least people might be curious and would remember it. Absolutely the new name is a lot more descriptive.

  4. Sherron Smith

    The new title is terrific!!!

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