Coaches Moving On

I’ve written several times that my biggest problem with the Texas Model of HS football is how it encourages successful coaches to change schools for better opportunities so often. In most of the country a successful high school coach will often spend his entire career at one school as there’s no real financial advantage to taking a similar job down the road.  The kids who play for quality programs can usually count on a consistency that’s rare in Texas.

The downside is that, without the financial incentive, non-Texas coaches turnover quickly as they find they’re working twice as hard as other teachers for basically nothing. This leads to an increasing reliance on off-campus volunteer coaches who have even less reason to stay in the profession than the teachers.  But… successful schools often have a staff of good coaches who stay together for a long time. I spent the best 12 years of my career in such a situation, working with the same five guys during that entire stretch. Something that’s somewhat rare in Texas.

That said, I can never fault anyone for doing what’s best for themselves and their families. Coaches have as much right as anyone to look for new opportunities. I know about this firsthand, I was the one who first broke from my group when I got a head job at another school. Although it didn’t work out, I never felt any guilt or regret for bailing on my friends…and they never held it against me.

I picked the eleven schools for Big and Bright partially because they were relatively stable, but with success comes new opportunities and in recent weeks several coaches I met during my journey have taken new positions. La Marque’s lost their third assistant to a head coaching position in the past two years with offensive coordinator, Pete Gareri, taking the job at Baytown’s Sterling High School. Stamford’s defensive coordinator Mitch Mclemore is also on the move, he’s been hired as the new head coach/AD at Junction High School.

Assistants moving to take head jobs is always expected, but the other two are somewhat surprising. Four time six-man state champion coach Mike Reed is making the move to 11-man, leaving Throckmorton for the head position with 3A Henderson. Finally, today it was announced that Stamford head coach Wayne Hutchinson is leaving for the 6A job at Monterrey High School in Lubbock.

I’m sad Stamford, Throckmorton and La Marque are losing such outstanding coaches, but wish these four great successes in their new jobs. With a lot of open positions out there, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more movement during the weeks to come.

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