Book Update

It’s been pretty frustrating on the book front for the last few months. We’ve given the manuscript to a number of national publishers and there has been nothing to do but wait for responses. I’ve been keeping myself busy teaching ski lessons, beginning to prepare for spring practice and the 2014 football season and umpiring high school baseball games. The plan all along has been to seek a national deal that would get Big and Bright the widest exposure. Failing that, we plan on looking for regional publishers in Texas.

We had at least one near miss on the national front, but unfortunately have not gotten any offers from the big publishers. This week my agent told me its time to start looking for a regional publisher. Somewhat disappointing, but I didn’t write this book with the goal of creating a national bestseller, I wrote it because I found the subject fascinating and believed I could do it justice. My success on that score isn’t measured by whether New York publishers think it has a national audience.

So it’s time for plan “B”. I’m optimistic that somebody in Texas will want to take it on. Texas was always going to be the best market for this book anyway. And I’m anxious to get back to work.

It’s belated, but congratulations to Ronnie Casey, a longtime assistant at Stamford High School who has been promoted to the Head Coach position. It’s always good when a successful program can stay in-house and I’m sure Coach Casey will do well.

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2 thoughts on “Book Update

  1. Robert McSpadden

    You can self-publish by going here: .

    This is who published my book.

    Robert McSpadden

    Texas Bob Media Services

  2. Hey Bob,

    Good to hear from you. I’ll keep this link. If I can’t find a publisher, I will self-publish, but I feel pretty good about finding a publishing house in Texas, so I’ll wait until that avenue plays out before I look to self publish.

    Hope you’re doing well and thanks.

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