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Big and Bright Publishing Deal

This morning I signed a deal for Big and Bright with Rowan & Littlefield Publishing out of Colorado. I’m told by my agent that this is a very good deal and this company will ensure that the book gets good exposure. As for a release date… that is still up in the air, but they expect the final edit to be done on September 1 so I would expect we are looking at late fall or winter of this year. This is my first time going through this so I am still learning the process, but I’m excited that we’re finally reaching a point where there will be an actual, physical book to hold and to sell. I will, of course, update this blog as I learn more.

Meanwhile, I am AGAIN editing the book…I believe for the fifth (?) time…before the editor makes his edits. It’s amazing how I keep finding things that can be changed and made better. I thought it looked pretty good when I finished the first draft last May (and after each subsequent draft), but I’m so glad for the help I’ve gotten, every go-through as improved it and when I look at what I wrote initially I’m embarrassed.  Luckily for me, most of you will never see those early editions and I think the final result will be worth the wait.


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Interesting Article about Texas Football

First off a quick tease, big news in coming on the book front shortly, but I’m waiting until it’s official and I have more details before I say more, but stay tuned.

Two people sent me this link today. 

Interesting article about the dropping of 7th grade tackle football in Marshall, due to concussion risk. While saying football is still a huge part of Texas culture the story implied that this is a sign of a decline of the sport in general due to the danger. My gut tells me that is says more about the arguable effect youth and middle school football has in preparing players for the varsity game. I’d love to hear some thoughts from my friends in the Lone Star State.


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