Big and Bright Publishing Deal

This morning I signed a deal for Big and Bright with Rowan & Littlefield Publishing out of Colorado. I’m told by my agent that this is a very good deal and this company will ensure that the book gets good exposure. As for a release date… that is still up in the air, but they expect the final edit to be done on September 1 so I would expect we are looking at late fall or winter of this year. This is my first time going through this so I am still learning the process, but I’m excited that we’re finally reaching a point where there will be an actual, physical book to hold and to sell. I will, of course, update this blog as I learn more.

Meanwhile, I am AGAIN editing the book…I believe for the fifth (?) time…before the editor makes his edits. It’s amazing how I keep finding things that can be changed and made better. I thought it looked pretty good when I finished the first draft last May (and after each subsequent draft), but I’m so glad for the help I’ve gotten, every go-through as improved it and when I look at what I wrote initially I’m embarrassed.  Luckily for me, most of you will never see those early editions and I think the final result will be worth the wait.


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2 thoughts on “Big and Bright Publishing Deal

  1. joyce

    Can’t wait to buy it!

  2. Sherron

    Congratulations!!!! We also are eager to buy it!

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