NFL Rant and other news

Maybe it’s because I’m a 49er fan and what’s happened the past two weeks, but the NFL has become almost unwatchable this season. This is nothing about the overblown hype of the domestic violence “crisis” that people can’t shut up about. (No, I’m not in favor of domestic violence, but a few cases among a population of over 1500 players does not equal a crisis.) The problem is the actual game itself.
Between the stupid showboating after every 1st down, the taunting after every tackle, the commercial breaks and the ridiculous penalties for every hit or touch on on a quarterback or receiver, the game sputters to the point where I wonder if it’s even worth watching anymore.
No I’m not in favor of concussions either, but throwing penalty flags for seemingly every hard hit is ruining the game and I doubt it will cause any long term reduction in the inherent danger of the sport. The new emphasis on flagging DB’s any time they touch a receiver doesn’t even have the justification of attempting to protect the health of players. It is absolutely crazy how they’ve handcuffed defenses the last few years to the point where it feels like more games are decided by officiating than the players on the field.
I can’t imagine, not watching anymore, but I know I don’t look forward to Sundays the way I used to.

Other news– My football team is currently 2-2. We’ve averaged over 300 yards a game on the ground and as the offensive line coach this makes things fun no matter what. I’m still checking the scores from Texas Friday nights just before our kickoff. Good to see that many of my teams are doing so well.
Congratulations to Coaches Hutchinson, Reed and McClemore who have all gotten their first wins at their new homes, always a big deal for any head coach in a new job.
I’m communicating with several European programs about coaching overseas. Nothing concrete yet, but I hope and expect to have an agreement made soon. I’ll give this blog the details as soon as it’s finalized… and start working on another Rosetta Stone foreign language course.

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