Ravensburg Razorbacks News

Three months until I leave to Germany for my coaching job with the Razorbacks. Below is the link to the English translation of the press release about my hiring.


We’ve finally finished the process of hiring our two American import players. It’s my first time being in a position of helping recruit and choose players and was an interesting experience.I talked to a lot of great kids. The toughest part was turning down some great candidates. There were probably 10 players I spoke with that I would love to take over there, but unfortunately we only had the budget for two. I AM excited about working with the two we got though. Garett Coleo is a quarterback for Miami, who played D-2 ball in Minnesota and spent last season playing in Sweden. He’s fast, mobile and has an accurate arm. Jeremy Stewart is a DB/LB from New York State. Good hitter and cover guy who can even play some receiver and will be on all our special teams. Even more important, both seem like quality young men, mature enough to handle and be excited about six months living overseas, playing football for room, board and a few Euros.

For my new European followers, I’ve added a new domain name to this blog. As well as Texasfootballroadtrip.com, this site can now be reached through Eurofootballroadtrip.com. I know, it isn’t very accurate or creative, but it keeps my site consistent.

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