Book Covers

Finally, I got these from my publisher!!! Here are three possible covers. Let me know what you all think!!


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13 thoughts on “Book Covers

  1. Harrison, Bill

    The 1st one with the player hold a ball is my pick
    Great job Levy

  2. Shane Gilligan

    congrats man! I like the first one with the football player in the background

  3. All three are good but my favorite is the third one.

  4. Bonnie

    All good but I like the 1st one best of the player holding the football.

  5. Bruce

    I really like the 3rd one with the football field. I see what you did there. Go Bearcats!

    • That’s my favorite one too. Funny, I didn’t even notice that it was my picture until your comment..Not everywhere you see a sunrise over an east endzone! Great year for you guys… The championship was a fun game to watch!

  6. Orlando

    My favorite is the first one.
    The football player with the ball in his hand.

  7. Jim B.

    Back to the drawing board. I don’t care for any of these.

  8. Congratulations, Gray! I like the third one best, too!!!

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