Kickoff Party

Razorbacks 2015Friday night was the Ravensburg Razorbacks kickoff party. A good time, but also a promotional event to get investors and fans excited about the team and upcoming season. The cheerleaders, coaches, players and management team were introduced. A power point presentation outlined the state of football in Germany.  Laughter and some mock cheers ensued when it was announced that American football has surpassed sailing and golf in popularity…Next up Beach Volleyball!!!  Football has a long way to go before it rivals soccer, but it is growing. This is the 28th season of Razorback football and, I’m told, the numbers, infrastructure and the interest is getting bigger every year.

Kick off party 020

The new website was introduced as well. The new site was put together by some techies who also happen to be on are team, players, coaches and management. The site has a player pictures a place to buy Razorback gear, links to our opponents and even a live game ticker… this will be good for me when I return to the States before the playoffs. Just one week until our regular season opener against the Wilddogs!!! We have a lot of work this week, but I think we’ll be ready. Go Razorbacks!!

Kick off party 016

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