Razorbacks vs.Kaiserslautern Pikes

freiburg #4It isn’t often a coach more proud of how a team plays after building a commanding lead than how they got there, but against the Kaiserslautern Pikes, I was most impressed with our performance with a 36-0 lead.
In our previous game, we had jumped ahead by a large margin before limping to the finished. It was important for us to show we could play four good quarters.
An interesting challenge of European football is that rosters are rarely the same week to week. Unlike in the US, football here played is by grown men with other priorities. Sometimes these priorities (business trips, families, school) are legitimate reasons to miss practices and games. Some reasons are not so valid… but that’s another subject. For various reasons, we went to Kaiserslautern without our top receiver and only one running back. Worse, several of the receivers we did have were less than healthy.
Andreas Lo Meo ruptured his Achilles tendon in February and was supposed to be done for the year. Phillip Schaber had retired a month ago, after being told he may need surgery for a hip injury. In a perfect world neither would have played, but both agreed to suit up and split time to fill out our roster.
With a 36-0 lead at the half, we were comfortably going to win. In this situation, the goals change.
We have things to work on for upcoming games; we need to get our starting running back off the field, so as not to risk injury. Most important, we need to show we can play four good quarters of football.
We would throw on our entire first series. (With this lead, it’s bad form to throw after the first possession and we needed to work our air game.) This drive was almost perfectly executed. Starting on our own 20, we ran six plays, with five completions to four receivers including two to Schaber The drive culminated with an outstanding 15 yard pass to Lo Meo in the left corner of the end zone.
Our next series, we used converted LB, Dennis Schmidt at running back and Coach Leo Grenz at tight end. After flubbing the 1st play, we put together a time-consuming, ten play drive, with Schmidt pounding it in from the one to finish the scoring; 50-0 Razorbacks.
It was a satisfying win, but I must caution our players against being too satisfied. We now enter our toughest stretch of the season. Our next three games are against our top three opponents in the Regionalliga Mitte. To reach our ultimate goal we have to play better. We got away with some sloppy play against Kaiserslautern early, mistakes that could bury us against tougher teams.

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