Razorbacks vs. Albershausen Crusaders.

Razorbacks vs. Alb 2 #2Offensive coordinators fall into two categories; those who establish the running game to set up the pass and those who use the passing game to set up the run. Both methods can be successful, as long as the defense respects that you can hurt them in the air and on the ground. As an offensive line coach, I’ve always been a run-first guy. Through our first six games, this strategy worked very well. Not only have we run the ball effectively, but when defenses over-commit to stopping the ground game, we’ve been outstanding in the air.
Sunday afternoon, against the Albershausen Crusaders, we finally faced a defensive front good enough to take us out of our original plan.
On our first possession it seemed we would be able to continue to as we have all year. A 40-yard touchdown run by quarterback Garret Coleo and we were quickly in front 7-0. From there however, things got tough. The Crusader defense stiffened and our next three possessions stalled.
Things have probably been too easy for us. We’ve mostly played opponents who couldn’t stop our passing or running games. Our execution Sunday was not where I like it but the Crusaders deserve a lot of credit. They played well up front and the holes we’re used to seeing weren’t there.
Thankfully, we have other weapons. Our defense played very well, giving us the time to find our stride. I’m a run-oriented coach, but I’ve inherited a passing game that is likely the best in the league. With strong receivers who run good routes and rarely drop a ball and a quarterback with great touch, who makes great reads, we showed we can be a pass-to-set-up-the-run team.
Early in the 2nd, we put together a six play (five passes) drive to go up 14-0. On our next possession, we stayed in the air, Coleo hit Micki Mayer on a 38 yard post on 4th and 12 to give us a 21-0 lead going into the half. After the break, we continued trying to run, with limited success, but continued to throw well, scoring on another pass to Mayer to take a 28-0 lead early in the third. Finally, our strong passing game did set up the run, a touchdown on a 30-yard draw to Steve Spagnuolo.
Coleo was 16/23 with three touchdown passes and one run. With the win, we are now 7-0 and have clinched a playoff spot.Razorbacks vs. Alb 2 #1
My pre-game talk was about the up and downs we’d likely see against this tough defense. I told the team we’d have poor plays and not to panic and let miscues snowball into a larger problem. We did this several weeks ago, in Pforzheim.
As the offensive coordinator, I’m proud our offense never lost out composure or finger-pointed when we had trouble early, but found other ways to be successful.
As the offensive line coach, however, I’m disappointed we couldn’t impose our will on Albershausen’s defense. I’m sure our receivers and quarterback are great with how we put 35 points on the scoreboard… Don’t worry guys, when we have to, we can always do it again, but a tiger can’t change his stripes.
(If that doesn’t translate into German, ask me and I’ll tell you what it means.)

Razorbacks vs. Alb 2 #3

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