Interview and Book Information


I went to a Houston Barnes and Noble yesterday and found ten copies of Big and Bright on the shelf. Exciting for me to see.

Also had an interview about Texas HS Football come online on Sports Illustrated for Kids. You can take a look at it here.

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One thought on “Interview and Book Information

  1. Mike T

    Enjoyed your work. As an old Texas coach and English teacher, I was also impressed with your writing skills. Been here 66 years and your book even made me stop and think about why what I did for a living was so important. Thanks for that. I often wonder what a similar book about basketball in Indiana would be like. I’ve seen photos of 8,000 seat gyms overshadowing a field and press box that would not be acceptable for a decent JH here in Texas . How is it the community makes the basketball commitment and not the FB commitment. As well you may have noticed how in Texas the BB programs suffer in the shadow of FB. I have always found it interesting. Often in years past other sports were sacrificed on the altar of FB. Not so much any more, but still it happens in some places.

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