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Year of the Razorback Query Letter

Razorbacks vs. Geissen #9Hello Readers,

It’s football season, so that means I’m busy. But we have a bye this week and I had time to get some work done.

The good news is that the edits are finally sufficiently done and I’m ready to show Year of the Razorback to publishers and agents.

The bad news is that Taylor Trade, my publisher for Big and Bright, took a pass on Year of the Razorback.

I’m a little disappointed but not surprised. Though I can immodestly say the writing is superior to my first book, (You learn some things your second time around)  the market for a book about football in Germany isn’t as built-in as the market in football-crazy Texas, and unfortunately publishing is as much about sell-ability as writing.

This means it’s back to the drawing board, and writing a query letter to attract agents and publishers. I’m kind of happy with the letter and decided to post it here for you to read… and to pass along to any literary agents and/or publishers you might happen to know.  Thanks!!!!


To whom it may concern;

Does any sport fit any one country as well as American Football fits the United States? Celebrating toughness, excess, organization, power and violence, the game fits our nation as a hand fits a glove. But as Hollywood, Disney and McDonalds have become international brands, American football is making strides overseas.

Year of the Razorback: Football in the Land of Schnitzel is the true account of an American’s journey coaching semi-pro football in Germany. The story of the 2015 Ravensburg Razorbacks describes how this very American sport has been translated into the German culture, creating something recognizable, yet different, than the game we grew up with in the US.

Year of the Razorback is my second book. Big and Bright: Deep in the Heart of Texas High School Football was published by Taylor Trade Publishing in 2015, and chronicles eleven outstanding high school football programs in a place where football is king. After seeing my sport in the state where it’s most revered and deeply ingrained in the culture, I wanted to see it at it’s early stages, through the eyes of people who weren’t raised on it.

As a 25-year veteran coach, I found a job coaching in Germany and set out on this new adventure. It was a season I’ll never forget.

I hope you enjoy the attached copy of Year of the Razorback and might consider representing me.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Gray Levy

Reno, Nevada





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