Texas Football Links

Dave Campbell Texas Football– Most comprehensive site, covering Texas football at all levels.

TexasHSfootball.com– Another comprehensive site with message boards

University Interscholastic League– Governing body for all public school sports in Texas.

Lone Star Gridiron– Another good site to learn about TXHSFB

5A Texas High School Football

Texas 4A Sports

3A DownLow Forum

Texas 2A Football

1A Texas Football


Football Stadiums in Texas– Database of information on every high school football stadium in the state.

Texas High School Coaches Association– Home site for the oldest and largest coaches association in the country.

Top O’ Texas Football Magazine– Focus on football in the panhandle.

EP Gridiron– Focus on football in El Paso

The Old Coach-Another comprehensive site with active message boards

Texas High School Helmet Project– Cool site shows almost all the helmets high schools in Texas use.


8 thoughts on “Texas Football Links

  1. You have picked a good representation of high quality football programs with one or two exceptions. For the most part though you have selected big time programs. For example, La Marque was the winningest team in Texas in the decade of the 90’s…….back to back to back State championships with two more to follow….five in all………you’ll see that most of those games were against schools with three times the enrollment…..Looking forward to your impressions……………..

  2. Eddie Wood

    Here is a link that you might add, http://www.txhshelmetproject.com/
    You can see all of the helmets that the schools across the state use. It is a fun time looking at all of them.


  3. We in Port Lavaca are looking forward to keeping up with your blog through the year. We are also excited that you have chosen us as one of your stops. Not sure if you know this but the game chosen for us will be our homecoming. So, it should be a really good crowd and a very exciting game to see.

    You can come join in on the Sandcrab Football talk at http://calhounsandcrabs.proboards.com/. Also, we have a site set up at the School District. Kellie Whitaker and others do a fantastic job with our Sandcrab Nation website. They keep really good stats and have some really good photos, etc. to share with all in “Sandcrab Nation” and beyond. It’s link is http://www.sandcrabnation.com/.

    Again, we look forward to seeing you come September.

  4. danrut

    Just wanted to throw in another link. http://fridaynightrivals.com/
    It’s really an app for phones. It’s great for keeping up with the scores from around the state on Friday Nights and good forum talk otherwise.

  5. Thanks for the link to my website. I’m excited about your blog and your out of state perspective of Texas Athletics.

  6. I too am excited about the blog!! I am envious!

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