Trip Schedule

                                                                     REGULAR SEASON

1.    Aug.25th- 30th La Marque  3A                               Ball (Galveston) @ La Marque (Suburban Houston)
2.    Sept. 1-7th Carthage   3A                                      Lindale @ Carthage (East Texas)
3.    Sept. 8th-14th Port Lavaca Calhoun  4A              Somerset @  PLV Calhoun (Gulf Coast)
4.    Sept.15th-21st Stamford   1A                                 Colorado @ Stamford  (West Texas)
5.    Sept.22rd-28th Aledo 4A                                        Arlington Heights @ Aledo (DFW Metroplex)
6.    Sept.29th- Oct.5th Abilene 5A                                Abilene @ Abilene Cooper ( West Texas)
7.    Oct.6th-12th Throckmorton 6-Man                          Bryson @ Throckmorton (West Texas)
8.    Oct.13th-19th Idalou 2A                                          Denver City @ Idalou (West Texas)
9.    Oct.20th-26th Round Rock Stony Point 5A              RR Westwood @ Stony Point (Central Texas)
10.    Oct.27th-Nov.2nd Harlingen 5A                              Har. South @ Harlingen (Rio Grande Valley)
11.    Nov.3rd-Nov.9th Cedar Hill 5A                                Cedar Hill @ Midlothian (DFW Metroplex)


7 thoughts on “Trip Schedule

  1. Jacob Woods

    I have been reading this amazing blog. I love your enthusiasm about Tx football. A team that might be worth looking into in my opinion would be the Seymour Panthers. They should be fielding a very good team again this year. They beat Stamford last season in district play, yes buy turnovers but forced turnovers. They have been in the playoffs every year since 2007.(the year they dropped down to 1a)
    And should be this year too.

    • Thanks! I’ll keep Seymour in mind and try to see them if I have any free days. There are so many good stories to cover, but just not enough days to get to all of them.

  2. Jacob Woods

    your best chance of seeing seymour would be when you go see Throck. The towns are about 25 to 30 min apart.

  3. JakeB

    I like the choices you made, but I would have mapped out a schedule to minimize so much driving. Except for the 2 week stretch with Abilene and Stamford, you have hundreds of miles between each…and sometimes criss-crossing the state! The upside is that you will see more of Texas than some Texans have. Wishing you safe travels and a lot of fun!

    • Thanks Jake,
      The driving is tough,,, but I wanted home games whenever possible and good match ups when do-able. So, yes I got some long commutes,,, over 6000 miles since I left Reno.

  4. JakeB

    Do you have plans for staying through the playoffs after Cedar Hill? You can catch a lot of playoff games (mostly 3A-5A) being played in various venues in and around the DFW metroplex…and also I’m sure you’re aware that all of the state championship games are held in Cowboys stadium in December. (except 6 man and maybe 1A)

    • Yes! I will be here through the playoffs and at all the championships at Cowboy Stadium, hopefully some of the teams I’m covering will be as well. I don’t know where I’ll be week to week at this point, I’ll have to get up Saturday morning, look at the paper and decide what will make the most sense. Of course, I’ll be writing about it on this blog.

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